TempTraq Stick-On Wireless Temperature Monitor Cleared

TempTraq, a Blue Spark Technologies company, won the European CE Mark for its stick-on wireless temperature monitor. The TempTraq device is about the size of a bandage and is stuck to the patient near the armit. It transmits readings wirelessly to a smartphone, if used at home, or a central system, if as part of a clinical monitoring system.

Data is streamed continuously from the sensors, allowing for live monitoring of multiple patients at the same time. At home, parents and caretakers can keep track of their kids and others they’re keeping an eye on.

There’s no need to wake up the person and warnings can be raised, on the phone or centralized system, if the temperature goes outside a central range.

The system relies on a centralized HIPAA-compliant cloud-based platform that keeps the history of readings and notifies people remotely of any warnings.

We at Medgadget interviewed John Gannon, the CEO of Blue Spark Technologies, last year.

Here’s a video with more about TempTraq:

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Via: Blue Spark