Samsung Unveils Hera I10 Ultrasound System

Samsung is unveiling its new Hera I10 ultrasound system designed for ob/gyn applications. The system integrates a motorized examination chair that can adjust from 18.9″ to a height of 38.6″, so patients don’t have to put up with a conventional exam table.

A large high-def display screen can be moved around as the clinician prefers it, helping to increase productivity and improve ergonomics.

On the side is a convenient rack of transducers and a cable support arm that makes changes easy and reduces the felt weight of the transducers.

As far as the imaging, the Hera I10 features Samsung’s Crystal Architecture, as well as such advancements as ShadowHDF that minimizes shadows resulting from fetal limbs and other obstructions, LumiFlow that provides blood flow information to identify vessel boundaries, and MV-Flow that provides information on the microvascular perfusion of tissues and organs.

Product page: Hera I10

Via: Samsung