OnePulse Smartwatch Monitors Health, Connects to Cloud via New LTE-M Network

OneLife Technologies Corp out of Rolling Meadows, Illinois, is now the first company to offer an AT&T LTE-M certified medical wearable device. LTE-M is designed to let Internet of Things (IOT) devices connect independently to a 4G network, without having to use a smartphone or other device as a gateway.

The OnePulse smartwatch can measure the heart rate and activity levels of an individual, as well as his/her location. The phone can regularly share its readings with clinicians and the patient’s family, as well as warn them if it detects a fall or something unusual.

The watch can provide medication reminders and other notifications to the user, and all this can happen without requiring a smartphone. Additionally, it is able to connect to other devices via a Bluetooth connection, so in theory a blood pressure cuff, glucometer, or a spirometer will be able to interface with it and add to the volume of data that the watch can share with the person’s doctor.

Here’s a promo video for the OnePulse:

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