Loop-X Surgical Imaging Robot Unveiled

Brainlab, out of Germany, just unveiled its flagship Loop-X mobile intraoperative imaging robot specifically designed for spinal surgical procedures. Developed by medPhoton, an Austrian company, the device is now the core of Brainlab’s imaging offerings.

The device offers 2D and 3D intraprocedural imaging, moving as necessary along with the surgical workflow and staying out of the way of clinicians and robotic instruments. Its actions can be automated to help to speed up procedures and it features novel technologies to optimize imaging.

One interesting feature of the Loop-X is the non-isocentric movement of the X-ray source and detector. Unlike in other CT imagers, the two are not always directly across from each other, and the X-ray beam turns to always point toward the detector. This allows the device to better target the specific anatomy of interest while minimizing the delivered radiation dose. Additionally, the capability can be used to better view anatomy at a larger scale by widely sweeping the beam closer to the outer edge of the scanner.

The Loop-X can produce both 2D and 3D images and has capabilities to better show off soft tissues. It integrates with Brainlab’s other surgical devices to seamlessly work together and stay out of the way when necessary.

Product page: Loop-X

Via: Brainlab