HemaShock Auto-Transfusion Tourniquet to Save Lives from Heart Attacks and Severe Bleeding

Patients undergoing a hemorrhagic shock or a cardiac arrest can be aided in many cases by restricting blood flow to the extremities, particularly the legs. Current methods are paintful and can be difficult to administer, while trapping lots of blood within the legs, as with conventional tourniquets. A new device from OHK Medical Devices, an Israeli company, is designed to make it easier and faster to restrict blood flow to the arms and legs.

The HemaShock is a tight silicone ring attached to a pressure stocking. It comes wrapped into a doughnut and has a set of handles. The operator simply puts the doughnut over the foot or hand, and pulls on the handles to unravel the HemaShock while applying pressure throughout the appendage.

It only takes one person about thirty seconds to put on the HemaShock, so about a minute for a set of two, which should be sufficient in most cases.

It’s indicated for patients who have systolic blood pressure of less than 80 mm Hg caused by hemodynamic shock or circulatory arrest, and can be applied even while the patient is being transported inside an ambulance. It costs only $175 per set, according to ISRAEL21c.

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