DowDuPont Releasing New Soft Skin Adhesive for Wearable Medical Devices

DowDuPont‘s Specialty Products Division is releasing a new soft skin adhesive, specifically designed for today’s wearable medical devices. The DOW CORNING MG 7-1020 Soft Skin Adhesive is a silicone-based product, which can be worn for extended periods of time while maintaining a tight grip and causing minimal irritation. Unlike devices that use acrylic adhesives, the MG 7-1020 is more comfortable when removing devices that use it, according to the company.

DowDuPont believes that the increased reliance on medical pumps and patches, as well as the introduction of new biologic drugs, will further necessitate advanced adhesive options. The company has been working toward meeting these needs and the MG 7-1020, which is being shown off for the first time at the MD&M West in Anaheim, California this week, is a part of that effort.

The new adhesive can be used with a variety of products, including ones with fabric backings, medical tapes, and attachments for medical devices. Using the adhesive, such products can be worn for over a week in many cases without fear of loss of adhesion. Interestingly, the material is also friendly to being repositioned and stuck back on the skin for continued operation.

“Our continuous investment in innovative materials such as this new soft skin adhesive is designed to help medical device companies develop the next generation of skin-adhered solutions for effective, comfortable monitoring and treatment,” in a statement said Marie Crane, Global Medical Device Leader for DowDuPont Specialty Products Division. “This versatile, strong, yet gentle high-performance adhesive offers benefits to device designers, manufacturers, clinicians and patients. It can play an important role in the usability and efficacy of tomorrow’s wearable technologies and drug delivery devices.”

Via: DowDuPont…