DBLG1, a Glucose Management System, Cleared in Europe

Diabeloop, a company based in Grenoble, France, won the European CE Mark of approval for its DBLG1 blood sugar management system for type 1 diabetics.

The system combines data gathered from a continuous blood glucose monitor and smart algorithms to drive the activation of an insulin pump. The system can predict glucose levels based on its continuous learning capability that adjusts to each individual patient.

It’s essentially the brains of a closed-loop system that replicates the functionality of a pancreas.

“We are proud to have passed the regulatory step of the CE marking. Our commercial deployment will be gradual in order to ensure quality of our product and our service towards the patients. We will also keep working for the reimbursement of our system as soon as possible” said Erik Huneker, co-CEO and founder of Diabeloop. “With this certification, we’re getting closer to the market launch and will move towards a new funding round to support our international scaling and our ambitious R&D roadmap. We hope to do all that by the second quarter of 2019” added Marc Julien, Diabeloop co-CEO and CFO.

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