AdVance XP Male Sling System for Urinary Incontinence Now Available in U.S.

Boston Scientific is releasing in the U.S. its AdVance XP Male Sling System, a product designed to treat male stress urinary incontinence (SUI) via a minimally invasive procedure. Though it is only now becoming available in the United States, over 20,000 patients have already been treated with the AdVance XP around the world in the last eight years.

The company designed the system to make delivery and positioning easier, improved the stability of it, and is offering longer slings, compared to the older AdVance Male Sling System.

The AdVance XP features a chevron anchoring mechanism that improves its hold on tissue, a differently weaved mesh that spreads the load of the force more evenly, and helical trocars that hold up the relevant anatomy.

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